NOTE:  In addition to running, we emphasize core strength and flexibility very specific to our events.  Examples can be found HERE


Have you ever wondered "why we are doing this run today?"  Ask Coach! There are several factors that may decide how we go about training.  Our training at Vista is first about consistency.  Also, know that there are things that other runners do that is not as good for you specifically.  We focus on healthy and positive experiences that help you improve each year. When assigning training, we must consider your:

* Personal training history

* Competitive nature

* Ambition to excel as a student-athlete 

We perform workouts for each aspect of running performance.  Aerobic fitness is developed as far as possible and appropriate based on how long you've been running.  Year-round development of racing effort composes the rest of our training plan by exercising the aerobic threshold, bio-mechanics, nervous system,  flexibility, core strength, hill running, other physiology and also some mental exercises.  All of the training is specific to racing 1-3 mile distances, and provides a good basis for longer distances in your future.  Recovery, in the form of scheduling hard workout efforts, good amounts of sleep, hydration and good nutrition are equally important to training in the big picture.


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training sample June 2020.JPG