Please print or reference our schedule as outlined below!

While we are VIRTUAL with school:

We will be at Guajome Park from 3:30 to approximately 5pm

We train in 4 groups and group 1 goes longer, so I may not release them till a little after 5pm

Occasionally, we may meet at the VHS track

You'll need to watch the Remind messages in the event a practice time or location is changed.

Our normal practice week while at school is different from our setup during virtual.

When school is in person, we will typically practice during 6th period, and daily from 2:40-5:00.  

ccspring schedule.JPG


Avocado League Meets  (we will have Duel Meets instead of cluster meets in spring 2021)


League meets + league finals determines league champions.

This year the Avocado League will be the following teams:



Rancho Buena Vista


Mission Vista

San Dieguito 




Time Schedule For League Races

(before daylight savings)

3:00   boys JV 

3:30  girls varsity

4:00  boys varsity

4:30  girls JV

Scoring Cross Country Meets:

The first five runners from each team to cross the finish line receive the points that correspond to their place. The first place runner receives one point, the second place runner two, and so on. The team receiving the lowest score wins.

The sixth and seventh runners on a team, although they don’t receive a score, can also be important, in that they can “displace” scoring runners from the other team. For example, consider the following race:


Sample Meet           Vista            San Dieguito

                                    3rd                    1st

                                    4th                    2nd

                                    6th                    5th

                                    7th                    11th

                                    8th                    12th



Final Score:                28                      31


In this meet situation, Vista wins 28-31.

As you can see, even though our sixth and seventh place runners’ scores were not added into the total, they were enough to displace the San Dieguito fourth and fifth place runners’ scores, and give the win to us. I can’t emphasize enough the important role of the #6 and #7 runners!

A score of 27 or less always wins a meet, as does having the first, second and third place winners, with at least five runners finishing. This is called a "sweep", and the best score possible is going 1-5 for a perfect 15 points.  This only pertains to dual meets.


Invitational or Championship

Your team gets the points for the actual place that you earn when crossing the finsh line. For example if we went  11,18,21,23,34 (36, 40) – our score would be the first five runners = 107

If a school enters less than 5 runners or starts a team and does not finish with 5 runners, their places are displaced. Meaning if a team ahead of our first runner (in the case 11th) was 10th, that 10 points would be awarded to us and the ENTIRE field of runners bump up into new scoring positions.


The Panther distance runners, along with Coach Putnam, Coach Rasmuson, Coach Nate and Coach Hayley are all looking forward to an awesome summer of Cross Country!

During Summer, we usually practice at Guajome Regional Park (night gate past the entrance on Guajome Lake Rd/76 side), from 8am-10am Monday through Friday.  We have a 2 week dead period, so contact Coach to plan your summer trips!

High School and Middle School students should get a good pair of shoes, like suggested on our Gear link above, and sign up today!

We have a 6th period VHS PE class for all Panther CC runners, so get a note from Coach if you plan to add the class (counselors will not be adding without a note)