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We are always looking to improve our strength and correct form as they are related to injury prevention as well as strength in the movements of proper running.   Hip mobility is vital, and when other muscles hurt it is often because you need more frequent hip exercises.

All of our runners need to perform MYRTL 3-4 days per week and record that in your weekly logs along with running.

You also need to do CORE training 3-4 days per week (different days from MYRTL when possible), according to the following plan:


Beginners: your A skip and B skip, leg swing and lunge matrix drills should be good.  I will test you on them in the coming days.  If you can complete Core X and Core H, your going to earn a higher grade in class, so if it's too hard then build up by a more simple planking workout like this:


Regular Plank 1 min, side plank 30 seconds, other side 30 seconds, regular plank 1 min (repeat these in 3-4 sets with short breaks between)


Advanced:  are able to perform Core X and Core H, and chose their own core too as time allows and depending on running schedule.  Example:  Same workout as above, while adding Leg Raises, Penguin Crunches, Row Boats, and other core we've learned, and totaling 5-10 mins of core in all.


Example schedule in addition to running:

Monday: MYRTL and 5 minutes of Planking Workout

Tues: Core X or 10 minutes of core exercises

Wed: MYRTL and extra stretching

Thurs: Core H or 10 minutes of core exercises

Fri: MYRTL and extra stretching

Saturday: 10 minute Planking workout (include Kangaroos, Fire Hydrants, Shoulder Taps, Pushups)

Sunday: light stretching here and there during the rest day

MYRTL    VIDEO HERE and SUMMARY list at bottom of this page!










Lunge Matrix: 

  1.  Front Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  2.  Front Lunge w/Twist: 5 reps per leg

  3.  Side Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  4.  Back and to the Side: 5 reps per leg

  5.  Back Lunge: 5 reps per leg Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  6.  Side Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  7.  Back and to the Side: 5 reps per leg

  8. 5 REPS OF EACH 










Myrtl Routine Checklist

Works the hips, hip flexors, groin and glutes


  1. Clams 8 reps

  2. Lateral Leg Lift Neutral, 5 reps

  3. Lateral Leg Lift toe up, 5 reps

  4. Lateral Leg Lift toe down 5 reps

  5. Donkey Kicks, 8 reps

  6. Donkey Whips, 5 reps

  7. Fire Hydrant, 8 reps

  8. Knee Circle Forward, 5 reps

  9. Knee Circle Backward, 5 reps

  10. Hurdle Trail Leg Forward, 5 reps

  11. Hurdle Trail Leg Backward, 5 reps

  12. Lateral Leg Swing, 5 reps

  13. Linear Leg Swing, 10 reps

  14. Linear Leg Swing, Knee Bent, 10 rep

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