We perform several different strength and flexibility routines.  You will need to be familiar with these routines as we will use them to mix up our daily routines, and you should always looking to improve your strength and form as they are related to injury prevention as well as strength in the movements of proper running.

A Skips and B Skips:





​Leg Swings:





Lunge Matrix: 

  1.  Front Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  2.  Front Lunge w/Twist: 5 reps per leg

  3.  Side Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  4.  Back and to the Side: 5 reps per leg

  5.  Back Lunge: 5 reps per leg Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  6.  Side Lunge: 5 reps per leg

  7.  Back and to the Side: 5 reps per leg

  8. 5 REPS OF EACH 



Myrtl Routine:

Works the hips, hip flexors, groin and glutes


  1. Clams 8 reps

  2. Lateral Leg Lift Neutral, 5 reps

  3. Lateral Leg Lift toe up, 5 reps

  4. Lateral Leg Lift toe down 5 reps

  5. Donkey Kicks, 8 reps

  6. Donkey Whips, 5 reps

  7. Fire Hydrant, 8 reps

  8. Knee Circle Forward, 5 reps

  9. Knee Circle Backward, 5 reps

  10. Hurdle Trail Leg Forward, 5 reps

  11. Hurdle Trail Leg Backward, 5 reps

  12. Lateral Leg Swing, 5 reps

  13. Linear Leg Swing, 10 reps

  14. Linear Leg Swing, Knee Bent, 10 rep



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